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Climate activists look for a tougher BlackRock in 2020

Pressure on BlackRock Inc's record on climate issues may be having an effect as the world's largest asset manager weighs firming up its interactions with portfolio companies.

Breakingviews - Buy now, pay later faces Juul-style backlash

Giving young shoppers easy credit to spend online doesn’t sound sensible. Yet a new craze called “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) is growing in popularity. The risk is a regulatory backlash like that which befell U.S. vaping heavyweight Juul.


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Goldman Sachs says it will support 'green' initiatives more forcefully

Goldman Sachs Group Inc outlined plans on Monday to put money and advice toward projects that fight climate change or help financially disadvantaged people, with executives arguing it is not only the right thing to do but can generate income.

Villains or visionaries? Hedge funds short companies they say 'greenwash'

福利网站Tens of trillions of global investment dollars are pouring into companies touting robust environmental, social and governance credentials. Now short-sellers spy an opportunity.

Major states snub calls for climate action as U.N. summit wraps up

A handful of major states resisted pressure on Sunday to ramp up efforts to combat global warming as a U.N. climate summit ground to a close, angering smaller countries and a growing protest movement that is pushing for emergency action.

Factbox: IMO 2020 - a major shake-up for oil and shipping

福利网站Tougher rules on sulphur emissions from ships will come into effect next year in the biggest shake-up for the oil and shipping industries for decades.

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