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Young democrats shake up pro-Beijing stronghold in Hong Kong

For decades it was known as Little Shanghai, a gritty, waterfront neighbourhood that was the landing spot for many mainland Chinese emigrating to Hong Kong.

Special Report - Iran’s leader ordered crackdown on unrest: 'Do whatever it takes to end it'

After days of protests across Iran last month, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei appeared impatient. Gathering his top security and government officials together, he issued an order: Do whatever it takes to stop them.

After Ethiopia crash, victims’ relatives say they were hounded by U.S. law firms

Days after the March 10 crash of a Kenya-bound Ethiopian Airlines’ Boeing jet that killed all 157 people on board, strangers began calling or visiting bereaved families, saying they represented U.S. law firms.

Special Report: How murder, kidnappings and miscalculation set off Hong Kong’s revolt

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam says the plan that ignited the revolt in her city was born of a straightforward quest for justice.

Special Report: Why big business can count on courts to keep its deadly secrets

福利网站In the dreary archives of a Newark, New Jersey, courthouse, Ronald Motley found a treasure map.

Special Report: FDA targets e-cigs that hook teens but don't help smokers quit

E-cigarette makers face an existential threat. By May, they must submit applications to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration proving that their products provide a net benefit to public health. If a company fails to make its case, the FDA has the power to order its products off the market.

Ethiopia's surveillance network crumbles, meaning less fear and less control

福利网站DEBARK, Ethiopia - Rahmat Hussein once inspired fear and respect for the watchful eye she cast over her Ethiopian neighbourhood, keeping files on residents and recommending who should get a loan or be arrested.

How one deadly day prompted Iraqi leader's exit

In the pre-dawn hours of Nov. 28, after Iraqi demonstrators set the Iranian consulate in the southern holy city of Najaf ablaze, the killings began.

Special Report - Revolution 101: For hardened teens of Hong Kong protests, violence is one way forward

Fiona's rebellion against the People's Republic of China began slowly in the summer months, spreading across her 16-year-old life like a fever dream. The marches and protests, the standoffs with police, the lies to her parents. They'd all built on top of her old existence until she found herself, now, dressed in black, her face wrapped with a homemade balaclava that left only her eyes and a pale strip of skin visible. Her small hands were stained red.

How Mexico's leftist president quietly made peace with big business

Barely a day goes by without Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador berating business and political elites, whom he blames for fuelling the country's poverty and corruption.

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Hong Kong marchers target malls in third day of Christmas protests

Hundreds of protesters marched through festive Hong Kong shopping malls on Thursday, aiming to disrupt business in the Asian financial hub for a third day over the Christmas holidays, with riot police deployed in the event of unrest.

Christmas typhoon kills at least 13 in Philippines

Turkey to send troops to Libya at Tripoli's request - Erdogan