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Britain records slight drop to 20,530 new COVID cases on Friday

A further 20,530 COVID-19 cases were reported in Britain on Friday, down from 21,242 a day earlier, daily government statistics showed.

UK R rate dips to 1.2-1.4, estimated growth rate slows

The reproduction "R" number of the COVID-19 epidemic in Britain has fallen slightly and there might have been a slowdown in the daily growth rate, government scientists said on Friday, implying the spread of infections could be levelling off.

Retailers urge Welsh government not to dictate what people can buy in 'fire-break' lockdown

福利网站Retailers in Wales have written urgently to First Minister Mark Drakeford expressing alarm over new regulations that restrict the sale of "non essential" products in essential shops during the country's two-week COVID-19 lockdown.

COVID-19 cases in England rose last week but may be levelling off - ONS

New cases of COVID-19 in England were rising by around 35,200 per day last week, up from 27,900 the week before, although there were tentative signs of a levelling-off around this rate, an official estimate showed on Friday.

UK lawmakers worried about lack of Brexit preparations

福利网站Britain's government may have left it too late for businesses to prepare properly for the end of free movement of goods to and from the European Union, an influential group of lawmakers said on Friday.

Britain tightens COVID restrictions in more areas of England

福利网站Britain tightened COVID-19 restrictions in three more areas of England on Thursday, putting them in the "high" category of the UK's three-tier system, meaning people will not be able to mix outside their households.

Johnson says COVID trace scheme needs improvement after new low

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday England's test and trace scheme needed improvement after a record low proportion of contacts of positive COVID-19 cases were reached in the latest weekly figures.

Test and trace works better when numbers are low - UK science adviser

福利网站England's test and trace scheme needs improvement and it is hard to run an effective system when there are large and increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases, UK chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance said on Thursday.

Sewage can reveal COVID outbreaks, UK project finds

Traces of COVID-19 can be successfully detected in sewage, helping to give health officials an early warning of local outbreaks of the virus, the British government said on Friday.

England adds Canary Islands, Maldives and Denmark to safe travel list

England will Spain's Canary Islands, the Maldives, Denmark and the Greek island of Mykonos to its safe travel list from Oct. 25, transport minister Grant Shapps said on Thursday, meaning arrivals from those destinations will not face quarantine.

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