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PM Johnson tests positive for coronavirus

福利网站Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus and is self isolating but will still lead the government's response to the outbreak.

British outsourcer Capita working to provide coronavirus testing sites

福利网站British outsourcer Capita is working with the government to set up coronavirus testing sites and looking at contributing resources to healthcare call centres, it said on Friday.

UK to use firefighters to deliver food, collect bodies in coronavirus crisis

福利网站The United Kingdom will use firefighters to help deliver food, retrieve dead bodies and drive ambulances as it braces for the looming peak of the coronavirus outbreak that has already claimed the lives of more than 22,000 people across the world.

'Communication issue': UK missed EU ventilator programme

Britain's failure to join a European Union procurement programme for ventilators to treat those ill with coronavirus was due to a communications issue, Business Secretary Alok Sharma said.

Britain's lockdown measures might last six months and are working - health official

福利网站Some lockdown measures which restrict the social interactions of Britons could be in place for six months, but the steps are bearing fruit in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Britain's deputy chief medical officer said on Thursday.

UK throws lifeline to self-employed hit by coronavirus

福利网站The British government will pay grants to self-employed people who have lost their livelihoods because of the coronavirus lockdown, further extending an unprecedented package of measures to prevent the economy from collapsing.

Factbox: How do Britain's grants for the self-employed work?

British finance minister Rishi Sunak announced a system of grants to support self-employed people who are losing income because of the coronavirus.

Britain should delay defence review due to coronavirus - study

福利网站Britain should postpone an ongoing review of its security, defence and foreign policy for at least a year because of the widening impact of coronavirus, a leading defence think-tank said on Friday.

Reserved Britons show love with national cheer for carers

Locked-down Britons all over the country took to their balconies and door steps on Thursday evening to applaud health workers who are battling the spread of coronavirus - an emotional show of solidarity during the nation's worst crisis since World War Two.

London's homeless stuck on the streets during coronavirus lockdown

福利网站As most of Britain headed indoors to wait out the coronavirus, rough sleeper Mohamed Sisi stayed on a patch of pavement opposite London's Charing Cross rail station with nowhere else to go.

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