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China commerce ministry says in close touch with U.S. on signing trade deal

China is in close touch with the United States on signing a Phase 1 trade deal, the country's commerce ministry said on Thursday, adding that both sides are still going through necessary procedures before the signing.

Trump says he and Xi will sign China trade deal

福利网站U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he and Chinese President Xi Jinping will have a signing ceremony to sign the first phase of the U.S.-China trade deal agreed to this month.

Republican senator 'disturbed' by McConnell's work with White House on impeachment trial

Republican U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski said she was "disturbed" by the Senate leader's approach to working with White House counsel on the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, saying there should be distance between the two.

China says it is in close touch with U.S. on trade deal signing ceremony

福利网站China says it is in close touch with the United States on a trade deal signing ceremony, after U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping will have a ceremony to sign the recently struck Phase 1 trade deal.

Michael Bloomberg says his White House campaign unknowingly used prison labour

福利网站Billionaire U.S. presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday said his campaign had unknowingly used prison workers to make telephone calls on his behalf.

Former Trump campaign staffer sues over pregnancy discrimination

A staff member of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign is suing the campaign for pregnancy discrimination, alleging she was stripped of job responsibilities after being impregnated by her supervisor.

U.S. House says McGahn testimony still 'critical' to impeachment case

福利网站A U.S. House of Representatives panel told an appeals court on Monday that despite having already voted to impeach President Donald Trump lawmakers still have an urgent need for testimony from former White House counsel Don McGahn.

Leading Republican senator says impeachment witnesses not ruled out

福利网站U.S. senators on Monday sparred over the shape of an impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, with Republican leader Mitch McConnell saying he has not ruled out hearing from witnesses as Democrats have demanded.

U.S. Democrats seek high-profile trial for Trump in Senate

U.S. Democrats on Thursday pressed the Republican-controlled Senate to call Donald Trump's top lieutenants to testify in its trial of the impeached president, as they sought to focus attention on the trial ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Trump slams U.S. evangelical magazine after it calls for his removal

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday blasted the magazine founded by the late Reverend Billy Graham after the influential publication for conservative evangelical U.S. Christians called for him to be removed from office.

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Outrage against India's new citizenship law

India has been rocked by demonstrations since Dec. 12, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government enacted the Citizenship Amendment Act that provides non-Muslim minorities a pathway to Indian citizenship.

Venice under water again

Venice is flooded by high tides during the holidays, just a month after the Italian city suffered its worst week of flooding since records began in 1872.