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Our top photos from the past week.

Notable people diagnosed with coronavirus

Public figures who have tested positive for coronavirus.

Solitary scenes in the coronavirus pandemic

福利网站Images of isolation in the time of coronavirus self-quarantine.

Quarantine culture from rooftops, balconies and windows

福利网站People self-isolate together, finding communities with neighbors from their balconies, windows and rooftops.

Constructing temporary coronavirus hospitals

Governments around the world scramble to build temporary facilities to treat COVID-19 patients amid a shortage of intensive care beds and ventilators.

Brazil's coronavirus lockdown seen from above

Aerial views of a deserted Rio de Janeiro under coronavirus lockdown.

Homeless stuck on the streets during coronavirus lockdown

As most of the world headed indoors to wait out the coronavirus, the homeless are stranded with nowhere else to go.

Inside an Italian hospital's COVID-19 unit

Medical staff in the intensive care unit at Milan's San Raffaele hospital treat patients with coronavirus.

Locked-down no longer, China's Hubei begins return to normal

福利网站Life started returning to normal after two months of lockdown in Hubei province, epicenter of China's coronavirus outbreak, with traffic controls lifted, construction resuming and people catching buses and trains across once-shut borders.

Empty spaces amid coronavirus

福利网站Cinemas, stadiums, town squares, churches and other public gathering places are devoid of people as the coronavirus spreads around the world.

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