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Colorado bank robber throws cash in air, shouting 'Merry Christmas'

福利网站A man with a white beard was being held on $10,000 bond for allegedly robbing a Colorado bank and throwing the stolen cash into the air while shouting, “Merry Christmas” to passersby, police and local media reported on Tuesday.

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Indonesian housewife tackles homelessness for 250 feral cats

福利网站On the outskirts of suburban Jakarta, housewife Dita Agusta lives with more than 250 cats she has taken in off the streets, creating a shelter for the animals she hopes will one day be adopted.

Wakanda free trade forever? Fictional nation removed from U.S. trade list

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) said it removed the fictional country of Wakanda from an online list of nations that have free trade agreements with the United States on Thursday.

You dirty rat: Zodiac window cleaners set Tokyo sparkling for New Year

Dangling more than 50 meters above a busy Tokyo street, window cleaners dressed up as a boar and a rat on Thursday scrubbed windows at a downtown hotel ahead of the country's New Year festivities.

Grumpy Cat, lovelorn whale are stars of 2019's top animal stories

A lovelorn singing whale, a world-famous feline sourpuss and ravenous goats credited with thwarting a dangerous California wildfire were among animals whose escapades across the United States made news in 2019.

Man who ate $120,000 banana at art show says 'I'm not sorry'

福利网站A performance artist who ate a banana taped to a wall that was an artwork valued at $120,000 said his actions were not vandalism and he does not regret his snack at Art Basel in Miami Beach, Florida.

Santa Claus dives into hot climate issue in Paris aquarium

In a change of scene, Santa Claus is donning flippers and a diving mask along with his traditional red-and-white outfit to scuba dive in a Paris aquarium as he teaches kids about global warming and climate issues during the festive season.

'The ducks have won': French court says they may keep on quacking

The ducks on a small French smallholding may carry on quacking, a French court ruled on Tuesday, rejecting a neighbor's complaint that the birds' racket was making their life a misery.

Philippine students turn littered dog poo into bricks

福利网站A group of secondary school students in the Philippines has found a way to convert poo from stray dogs into a mixture for bricks, aiming to rid city streets of excrement and potentially even lower construction costs.

Homemade 'Nikes' give Filipina athlete a golden edge

To some athletes, brands count for everything when it comes to performance.

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Star Wars fan frenzy

Fans dress up as their favorite characters as the highly anticipated "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" hits theaters.

'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' premiere

福利网站The red carpet at the premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

A decade in showbiz: #MeToo, Oscar drama and star-studded weddings

福利网站Highlights from a decade marked by the emergence of the #MeToo movement, drama at Oscar time and a clutch of star-studded royal weddings.