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Bindi Irwin ties knot ahead of Australian clampdown on weddings: media

福利网站Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin, got married on Wednesday, Australian media said, in an event that spurred online protest as it came just hours before a ban on ceremonies with more than five people took effect.

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'Humor is healing': Laughter soothes nerves during COVID-19 trauma

Americans are employing humor as a balm to soothe nerves during the coronavirus pandemic, flocking to new Instagram stars like Quentin Quarantino and sharing Facebook memes about taking off bras and pants and putting on weight in self-quarantine.

When will I see you again? Coronavirus keeps couples apart

Andrea Chabant Sanchez, a Madrid-based publicist, normally travels to Paris once a month to see his girlfriend. In January he booked his flights through to July.

As UK eateries close, top chef switches to food boxes for needy

福利网站Londoners have been struggling to get their food shopping done as panic buying triggered by the coronavirus crisis has emptied supermarket shelves, but some will soon be receiving food boxes prepared by a Michelin star-winning chef instead.

Full steam ahead for UK model railway buffs, despite coronavirus

The trains of Britain have been known to grind to a halt due to such minor hazards as leaves on the line or the wrong type of snow, but the world of model railways is made of sterner stuff.

Ballads and fan clubs: Canada's medical health officers become unlikely celebs

福利网站Acclaimed in song and on Twitter fan accounts, including a feed devoted to one official's choice of scarves, Canada's medical health officers have become a popular, comforting sight in daily coronavirus briefings and gained a celebrity-like following.

Asterix' second "father" Uderzo dies at 92

Albert Uderzo, illustrator and co-creator of famous comic series "Asterix and Obelix ", died on Tuesday, aged 92, his family said.

Australia book shop gets on its bike to ease coronavirus shutdown

As most shopping comes to a halt under shutdown rules meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus, an Australian book shop is getting its goods out by bicycle to readers in quarantine or reluctant to leave their homes.

Tipping goes virtual as coronavirus decimates U.S. restaurant jobs

As restaurants and bars across the United States shut their doors and lay off their staff in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, America’s famed service culture is moving online - with regulars paying their out-of-work waiters, favorite bar staff, and even total strangers via virtual tip jars.

From Time Out to Time In: London events magazine goes online only

London's Time Out, a food, drink and entertainment listings magazine, has rebranded as Time In and stopped its print run after coronavirus forced its usual readers to desert the streets.

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Communities come together amid coronavirus

Businesses give away food, supplies and services, and volunteers mobilize to meet the needs of the poor, elderly and others who are particularly vulnerable during the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus stops communal Muslim prayers

The coronavirus stopped communal Muslim prayers for the first time in living memory in many mosques from Indonesia to Morocco on Friday.

Belgians under lockdown share their prized possessions

福利网站Residents of Brussels share objects significant to them while at home under coronavirus lockdown.