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Born without arms, plenty of moxie, Pakistani man masters snooker

福利网站Muhammad Ikram, 32, takes aim, flexes his neck and strikes with his chin, sending the cue ball across the table and sinking his shot in a corner pocket. Born without arms, Ikram has nevertheless mastered the game of snooker.

Croatia's Istria region producing some of the world's best olive oil, say experts

In just 15 years, Croatia's Istrian peninsula in the nothern Adriatic has become one of the world's best producers of olive oil, decorated with top industry awards.

Austria prints a postage stamp to remember COVID-19 by, on toilet paper

Austria's postal service has united two aspects of the coronavirus pandemic in a stamp printed on toilet paper that people can also, at a push, use for social distancing.

Music, and work, never stop for New York Philharmonic's Borda

She became the first woman to manage a major American orchestra when named the New York Philharmonic's executive director in 1991. Her resume is filled with the top posts at the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Holocaust survivor and Nazi sympathiser's son forge friendship in Belgium

福利网站More than seven decades ago, their families were divided by war and hatred - Koenraad Tinel, the son of a Nazi sympathiser, and Simon Gronowski, a Holocaust survivor who lost his mother and sister to Auschwitz.

Footy-mad Melbourne in malaise as COVID-19 lockdown kills the party vibe

Gina Cimarosti would normally be hosting swarms of thirsty football fans at her corner pub ahead of Australia's biggest weekend of sport but a prolonged lockdown due to COVID-19 has kept the beer taps dry and crushed the party vibe in Melbourne.

Polish LGBT activists see hope in pope's support for same-sex civil union

Polish LGBT activists and opposition politicians said they were hopeful that there would be a new opening to discuss gay rights in Poland after Pope Francis said same-sex couples should be protected by civil union laws.

Unfur-gettable: Puppy with green fur born in Sardinia

Italian farmer Cristian Mallocci could not believe his eyes when Spelacchia, one of his eight dogs, gave birth to a green-furred puppy.

Fastest food: The Thai street cooks who get to protests first

Thai street food sellers have earned the nickname "CIA" for the intelligence that helps them reach protests not only before police, but before many protesters too.

Lucky baby anteater escapes birds, falls from tree into care of Australian zoo

福利网站A lucky echidna puggle, or baby spiny anteater, that survived an attack by birds and fell from a tree is taking its first steps as zoo keepers in Australia hand-feed the young mammal.

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Exclusive: Macron lays ground for netting Brexit compromise on fisheries

France is preparing its fishing industry for a smaller catch after Brexit, industry members said, in a sign that President Emmanuel Macron is laying the ground for a delicate compromise to help the European Union strike a trade deal with Britain.

Back at the Brexit table, UK and EU try to land deal on fish

Iran says U.S.-brokered Sudan-Israel deal secured by 'ransom'