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Trump-Biden clash over climate change adds to cloud over oil stocks

U.S. Democratic presidential challenger Joe Biden's clean energy plans put the spotlight on oil companies and stocks during Thursday's final debate with President Donald Trump, even though crude oil futures fell very marginally after the statements.

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U.S. nuclear plants in South Carolina, Missouri face the highest quake risks: report

The U.S. nuclear power reactors facing the highest risks of a meltdown from earthquakes are not in tremor-prone California, but states including South Carolina and Missouri, an analysis of government data published on Thursday said.

Australia fast tracks mega renewable energy, hydrogen project

Australia will fast track the approvals process for one of the world's biggest wind and solar projects in Western Australia, which aims to start generating power and producing hydrogen and ammonia late this decade.

Europe needs laws to stop import of deforestation-linked products, lawmakers say

The European Parliament on Thursday called for the European Union to introduce laws to prevent the import of commodities and products linked to deforestation and human rights abuses.

Nearly a third of Indonesia forest fires are in pulp, palm areas: Greenpeace

Forested areas greater than the size of the Netherlands have been burned in Indonesia in the past five years, with 30% of the fires occurring on pulpwood and palm oil concessions, environmental group Greenpeace said on Thursday.

China commits to share year-round water data with Mekong River Commission

China on Thursday signed an agreement with the Mekong River Commission (MRC) to share year-round data on the flow of its portion of the vital waterway amid concern that Chinese dams may be causing drought downstream in Southeast Asia.

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