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As Europe fights coronavirus and climate, is 'green stimulus' the way?

福利网站For European governments battling to brace economies pummeled by the coronavirus, there might be no better time to go green.

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China to limit new tailings dams to reduce safety, environmental risks

China will limit the number of new tailings dams for mining projects and cut down on the use of existing ones to reduce safety risks and ease environmental pressures, the Ministry of Emergency Management said in a notice on its website.

Quake hits Zagreb, PM urges social distancing as residents flee buildings

福利网站A large earthquake struck near the Croatian capital Zagreb on Sunday, critically injuring a teenager caught in a collapsed building in the city center and prompting appeals for social distancing after people rushed out onto the streets.

Coronavirus sends climate strikers back to school - this time, online

福利网站They walked out of class to fight climate change. Now, as coronavirus shuts schools around the world, they're starting their own.

U.S. clean energy sector seeks subsidy help to confront slowdown

Wind and solar energy companies on Thursday called on Congress to pass tax incentives that would help the sector avoid project delays and keep financing flowing amid a pandemic that has choked off supply chains and slowed construction.

Satellite animation shows pollution clearing over China during coronavirus outbreak

Air pollution from nitrogen dioxide, a gas emitted by cars, power plants and factories, fell by 40% over Chinese cities due to temporary restrictions put in place to contain the coronavirus outbreak, a satellite animation showed on Thursday.

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