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World's top debt funds lose billions in coronavirus rout

Coronavirus has hit the world's biggest debt funds, which have lost billions of dollars in value, Morningstar data shows, while one smaller fund shed half its value in a little over two weeks.

Take Five: Swap lines to the rescue

In 1971, ex-U.S. Treasury Secretary John Connally bluntly informed his fellow finance ministers: "The dollar is our currency, but it's your problem." Half a century on, that still holds true: desperate companies and banks around the world have been stumping up big premia in recent days in their rush to buy greenbacks -- for trade, debt repayments, or just to hold.

Downgrade doom looms for coronavirus-hit firms and markets

A wave of credit rating downgrades in the corporate sector risks deepening a funding crisis for company bosses and spreading it to other markets.

'Demand destruction' - analysts race to lower outlooks for oil

Traders and analysts are struggling to revise down their forecasts for oil demand fast enough, as government lockdowns to contain the coronavirus outbreak have rapidly cut fuel consumption.

Column: Not 2008 perhaps, though worse for a time with silver linings

福利网站For better and for worse, this is not quite 2008.

Coronavirus uncertainty muddies views on buying opportunities for plunging stocks

U.S. stock valuations are tumbling in the wake of the coronavirus-fuelled market rout, but determining when equities are cheap enough to buy is a tricky proposition.

Factbox: What's left in the tank for the big three central banks?

福利网站The world's top three central banks have deployed an array of weapons to fight the profound economic threat posed by the global coronavirus pandemic, increasingly seen as likely to spur the first outright contraction in the world economy since the 2007-09 financial crisis.

Daily Briefing: Fire and fury... and then some calm

福利网站After another week of central banks displaying their firepower, things seem a bit calmer.

'Quadruple witching' may spell some relief to stressed stocks

福利网站In calm markets "quadruple witching" usually passes unnoticed, but some market players are hoping this Friday's concurrent quarterly expiration of U.S. options and futures contracts could shake some sense back into stocks.

Bond investors remain thirsty, despite Fed liquidity efforts

U.S. regulators have poured trillions of dollars into bond markets over the past week and eased rules on big banks to grease transactions during the coronavirus panic.

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Dollar surges on funding crunch as virus roils global equities

福利网站The dollar rose against major currencies on Monday as fresh declines in global stocks and worries about tightening liquidity amid the worsening coronavirus crisis accelerated the flight to cash.

Sterling climbs off 1985 lows as central banks move to quell scramble for dollars

Dollar rampage spurs FX interventions, speculation of big G7 move