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Disruptive decade: Ten things the teen years brought world markets

The 21st century's teen years, bookended by a financial crisis at the start and the fintech revolution at the end, were a decade of disruption. From negative borrowing costs to bitcoin, here are ten trends that have upended traditional economic and investment models in the past decade:

The Yankees are coming! U.S. firms rush to euro debt markets

福利网站From Harley Davidson to Colgate-Palmolive , U.S. companies are flocking to borrow in euros and their record issuance is breathing life into a market where yields have been hammered by the European Central Bank's renewed stimulus push.

Explainer: Repo is Wall Street's big year-end worry. Why?

The $2.2 trillion (1.7 trillion pounds) repurchase agreement market - part of the inner workings of the U.S. financial system - is facing what could be another strain as the year comes to a close. That could have wider implications than just Wall Street.

Take Five: Ding dong markets merrily on high

As end-December approaches, money market players' thoughts may be turning to a September scare, when rates in the $2.2 trillion (£1.69 trillion) U.S. repurchase or repo market spiked to 10%, boosting the premium to borrow dollars. The fear is a bigger crunch may erupt in the $2.2 trillion U.S. repo market towards year-end, a period when banks lend less and trading volumes fall.

Global outlook sombre for late-cycle expansion despite market joy - Reuters poll

福利网站Most major economies have likely averted recession for now but growth will remain subdued in 2020, according to Reuters polls, despite the recent round of central bank stimulus and signs of a preliminary truce in the U.S.-China trade war.

Heard of bitcoin's 'halving'? It's set to shake crypto markets in 2020

If you're not a bitcoin enthusiast, you probably haven't heard what's happening next year: It's called the "halving", and it will cut production of the cryptocurrency by 50%.

China's tech stocks valuations soar as foreign investors pile in

Foreign investors are on their longest spell of buying Chinese stocks this year, increasing their bets on the mainland markets as Beijing and Washington prepare to resolve a long-running trade war.

Dismal decade for emerging markets casts pall over repeated 'buy' notes

One of the hardiest investment fixtures has been the annual 'buy' note on emerging markets equities, but their dismal performance over the past decade begs the question why.

Where's the risk? U.S. fund managers bet on bull run in 2020

With the UK election results giving some certainty to the Brexit process, a U.S.-China trade deal all but signed and the Federal Reserve signaling that it will stand steady for the foreseeable future, there are three fewer hurdles standing in the way of global equities extending their record run into 2020.

Column: Commodities 2020? Trump, China bring deja vu, all over again

As 2020 approaches, the year ends with the tantalising prospect of a trade deal between the United States and China. Again.

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Yen sags as prospects for U.S.-China trade deal looking good

福利网站The dollar edged up slightly against the yen while risk-sensitive currencies held firm on Thursday, buoyed by optimism of easing trade tensions between the United States and China and signs of recovering global growth.

Sterling falls to three-week low against dollar

Sterling rises after bruising week of losses